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211: Ask Denis: Ask Don't Tell
Episode 21115th October 2021 • Leadership Is Changing • Denis Gianoutsos.
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Many leaders feel that they have to be everything to everybody, having all the solutions to all problems. It’s amazing how many of those people out there are telling people what to do rather than asking the questions that could create better results and building up others. In this episode, I want to dive into this topic a bit more and help us uncover the approach of asking rather than telling.

On this episode:

  • Learn how while many leaders feel they need to take everything on for themselves, which doesn’t really help anyone long term, they should really be asking questions and bringing people on the journey with them.
  • “The best thing since sliced bread” - when you let the team come up with a solution, they take ownership over it and it becomes the best thing, rather than a band aid solution. Let’s look at an effective way we can ask questions.

Key Takeaways:

  • Asking questions brings solutions 
  • You can help people grow by asking questions
  • Let your team take ownership of a solution
  • Bring a coaching approach 
  • Give your team the space to answer questions
  • The power of the ‘Aha!’ moment 

Tweetable Quotes:

“In most day by day operations of an organization, the leadership, the culture; comes down to one thing… Asking, not telling.” - Denis Gianoutsos

“I’ve seen a lot of leaders whereby they actually try to tell the person a solution… but then, what are people learning from that? It’s not really a long term solution.” - Denis Gianoutsos

“If we ask people questions and they come up with the idea, then it’s the ‘best thing since sliced bread!’ They’re going to own it, they’re probably going to take the accountability for it, because it’s their idea.” - Denis Gianoutsos

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