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Launchpad Leadership (from the vault)
Episode 683rd October 2023 • The Art of Leadership • Dr. Niña Ellison
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Launchpad Leadership:

Some advantages of being a launchpad leader:

1.            Sets a standard for growth and being growth minded

2.            Helps guide the hiring process.

3.            Helps leaders to get to know others in the early days of their employment.

Some challenges in committing to be a launchpad leader:

1.            People are going to leave

2.            Accepting that investing in people is worth the emotional and operational toll

3.            Having those on the launch pad stay long enough for character and leadership

growth while also bringing value to the business.

4.            The launch pad leader must avoid carrying the weight of others development. Young leaders need to be hungry to launch but humble to learn

Bottom line:

1.            Bet on leaders and bet on hope

2.            Being a part of the bigger picture is worth the risk.

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