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Why Sending An Email Will NOT Make You Sales
Episode 6917th February 2021 • The Email Marketing Show • Email Marketing Heroes
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Feeling disheartened because you’ve been sending emails and you’re not making any sales?

Fear not, we’re going to help you to fix this from today, and it’s probably a lot more simple than you think.

Email marketing is still (and probably will be for a long time to come), one of the very best ways to make sales in your business.

The only problem is, many businesses get this wrong and then give up.

But what if we could tell you how to get it right?

If you’re ready to make your email marketing work for you and get you more of those beautiful $$$$, fasten your seat belts and tune in.

Why Sending An Email Will NOT Make You Sales

Episode Content

  • (03:18) So, you’ve emailed your list and no one has bought anything…what’s gone wrong?
  • (04:15) One of our clients experienced this problem with his own customers (and they weren’t even free subscribers).
  • (05:00) What was the one thing Rob told this guy to do, to turn this around?
  • (07:03) Remember that movies CATS? Yes, it was awful. But there’s a great point to this story, we promise.
  • (08:04) Yeah but, what the hell has this got to do with emails?
  • (08:57) What is reeeeeally beautiful about email marketing.
  • (10:12) You must remember this when you send your emails.
  • (11:27) Evidence that this strategy really WORKS.
  • (12:39) Another thing you have to contend with when sending out your emails. 
  • (13:22) How do you avoid annoying your audience?  
  • (14:46) What about the good old “snow ball” emails”
  • (16:33) Where people go wrong with this and how to fix it.
  • (17:19) Why do we even call them “snow ball” emails in the first place?
  • (18:13) Writing your emails in less than 5 minutes? YES PLEASE.
  • (19:33) The day Kennedy forgot to send an email. It was a dark day for him….but it made an awesome subject line.

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