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Using the power of community to grow your pet business with Sandra Emmons from Happipup
Episode 15126th January 2023 • Your pet business content your way • Rachel Spencer
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She’s never done a Facebook live, her referrals come from her hairdresser and she’s gone from struggling to fill classes to causing so much FOMO she has a waitlist.

Meet Sandra Emmons from Happipup, my guest on the podcast this week who is throwing the rules out of the window and doing things her way.

Sandra runs an award winning dog and puppy training business in Berkshire and is talking about using the power of community to grow your pet business.

She LOVES getting out and about in her local area with her clients and their pups and dogs, and the adorable pups get tongues wagging as fast as their tails.

People approach her in the pub, the park, the coffee shops to see how they can join in the fun and it’s helped her grow her business in a way that feels right for her.

No cringing about doing things she doesn’t want to do on social media

No hustling round in Facebook groups looking for clients.

Instead she’s caused such a buzz about how she works that people flock to her!

Sandra and I have worked closely for the last year, she was one of my coaching course coachees and I have LOVED seeing her thrive.

Key topics and timings in this episode:

0.20 - Sandra shares what she focuses on in her pet business and the kind of services she offers.

4.21 - Working as a primary school teacher and in building maintenence before finding her dream job as a dog trainer.

5.00 - Building up Happipup as a part time job as she set up her business and how scary it was at first.

6.22 - The shock of having to learn about marketing and outsourcing social media at the start and why you don't have to do it all!

8.00 - My background of working with Sandra as a client.

09.06 - Having faith that when times are hard, good times are around the corner.

11.36 - How Sandra gets seen in her local community and what's worked for her and why her real life training generates FOMO.

13.14 - Getting out and about and how this has really skyrocketed her business.

14.10 - How TALKING to people instead of Facebook lives have helped her grow.

18.00 - A typical customer journey for one of Sandra's clients.

19.09 - Sandra shares her experiences she has in her classes from skateboarding dogs to Danny De Vito cutouts.

21.46 - Working with the community and bringing people together.

24.05 - Why it's key to promote responsible dog ownership and being a considerate dog owner.

26.19 - Having a laugh and being a supportive ear to her clients.

29.30 - Sandra's advice to shy pet professionals who want to build strong relationships in their community.

30.24 - Don't feel like you have to do the same as everyone else and do what you feel confident with.

32.00 - What's next, training new staff and rolling out her Swap and Share boxes.

34.30 - Where to find out more about Sandra and Happipup.

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