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Ep 95 - Author and Leader in Female Driven Social Impact, Morra Aarons Mele on Embracing Your Introverted Self While Creating Your Own Success
Episode 956th February 2018 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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Morra Aarons-Mele joins Krista and Lindsey this week for an impactful conversation. She is the author of Hiding in the Bathroom and the Founder of award-winning social impact agency Women Online and its database of women influencers, The Mission List.


We’ve talked to a lot of you about the struggle of being an introvert with big plans. You want to get out there and pursue your dreams, but you also want to stay true to who you are… and it’s a constant battle!! Morra spent years fighting this battle, but now she’s figured out how to wield introversion as a tool that makes her even more successful. We chat about...


  • Helping women thrive in this digital age
  • Morra’s problem with mentorship
  • Finding a strong niche + following your passion
  • The secret to good digital marketing
  • Why you don’t necessarily have to worry about building a personal brand online
  • Business building hacks for introverts
  • Why Morra dedicated her life to social good around women
  • The world post-2017 election
  • How women can ask for what they deserve in the workplace
  • Work-life balance VS work-life fit
  • What it was like working with the Obama administration
  • Morra’s self-care rituals


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