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23 | Single Sex Education and Your Career Trajectory
9th April 2024 • Elevate Your Career • Nicole McMackin
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In today's episode of Elevate Your Career, Nicole explores the impactful world of single-sex education, particularly focusing on the experiences of women from Lorena, a distinguished all-girls school. The episode showcases the narratives of notable alumni, including Dr. Emily Blodget, an associate professor at UC Irvine, and a board certified health specialist for infectious diseases, Vickie Chao, a law partner at a private practice, Gabriella Brignardello, the vice president of Fika Ventures, a seed stage venture capital firm, and Juliana Shain, an entrepreneur, social media marketer and journalist. They share their transformative journeys from the classrooms of Lorena to their prominent positions in diverse professional fields. The discussion centers on the unique benefits of single-sex education in fostering confidence, leadership, and a profound sense of community among its students.

These successful young women unanimously attribute their professional success and personal growth to the supportive and focused environment of Lorena, highlighting the absence of gender-based biases and the encouragement of academic and extracurricular excellence. They reminisce about the deep, lasting friendships formed, the individual attention from dedicated faculty, and the empowerment they felt being part of a community where being smart and ambitious was celebrated. The narrative vividly illustrates how the absence of the opposite gender allowed them to discover their identities and capabilities without distractions, leading to a strong foundation of self-assurance and leadership skills that have propelled them in their careers.

As Lorena faces the threat of closure, the alumnae passionately discuss their efforts to save the school, emphasizing its significance not just as an educational institution, but as a nurturing community that has been instrumental in shaping the lives of countless women. The episode poignantly concludes with a call to action for support and investment to preserve Lorena's legacy, underscoring the enduring impact of single-sex education on personal development, career trajectory, and the cultivation of supportive female networks. Through their stories, the guests illuminate the profound and lasting influence of attending an all-girls school, offering a compelling argument for the value and necessity of single-sex education in today's diverse and evolving societal landscape.

Join Nicole and her guests for this fascinating and inspiring conversation!


What You Will Learn In This Show:

  • How attending an all-girls school like Lorena can significantly influence career trajectories and personal development, fostering confidence and leadership skills essential for professional environments.
  • An exploration of the environment at Lorena, which prioritized academic excellence and extracurricular involvement without the distractions of a co-ed setting, leading to heightened self-assurance and leadership opportunities for women.
  • Testimonies from alumni about the profound connections made during their time at Lorena, and the school's role in forming supportive networks that continue to benefit them both personally and professionally.
  • How the solidarity among students and faculty at Lorena provided a unique and empowering educational experience.
  • An urgent call to action to save Lorena from closure, highlighting the school's importance not just as an educational institution but as a beacon of empowerment for young women.
  • How their experiences at Lorena went beyond academic learning, focusing on personal growth, identity formation, and the development of values like independence, supportiveness, and the courage to pursue their dreams.
  • And so much more...




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