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#1: Dream Big, Live Wildly – A Live Wildly Manifesto
Episode 122nd June 2020 • Live Wildly Podcast • Lucy Fuggle
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“Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it”. – MARY OLIVER 

Work out what’s important to you.

Prioritise it. Schedule time for this before other things. Every day, imagine what it will be like to achieve your biggest goals. Dream big. Visualise everything coming true. That’s the first step to making it happen.

Know that your possessions aren’t going to make you happy. Nor are they going to cultivate the image of who you want to be. You do that with how you act.

Buy fewer things and have more to spend on trips to the mountains, picnics by the lake, and good food and wine with friends. Let your savings bring you peace of mind and options.

Dream up what your ideal day looks like. Think about the small upgrades you can make to get closer to this and live more of it every day. Make your life a canvas. Be grateful for everything you already have and take time to enjoy the journey, slowly, as you follow your wild dreams. Everything is happening at exactly the right pace...

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