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Nick Thune Writes a Different Kind of Love Song
Episode 710th July 2024 • Before Your Very Ears • Premier Guitar
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This time on Before Your Very Ears, hosts Sean Watkins and Peter Harper give love a chance. Helping them learn the ways of love is Nick Thune, comedian and musician, who spearheads the songwriting session—but not before sharing some of the best bird-related jokes you’ll ever hear.

The trio settles on a Steve Jobs-ish strategy of starting with the finished product, and working their way backwards. The end goal in this case? A love song, but a different kind of love song. The objective prompts interesting discussions: What’s a typical love song, and therefore what will make for an atypical love song? Romantic ballads are usually filled with rose-colored reflections and sweet sentiment, and this one isn’t too different, but there’s one key thing missing: a love interest.

That doesn’t stop the song’s protagonist, whose hunt for love unspools over a verse that eventually slows to a speak-singing 6/8 sway, and a radio-ready power-pop chorus. If you’ve ever wondered how to write a classic love song, well… look elsewhere. But if you’re keen on figuring out how to write a memorable, distinct one, this is your episode.

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