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The International Pain Foundation – Barby Ingle pt 1
Episode 109125th May 2022 • Kingdom Cross Roads Podcast • Robert Thibodeau
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The International Pain Foundation  Barby Ingle pt 1

I have a very important topic for you today…and one that is very near and close to my heart…one which affects me as well as millions of people each and every day – and that is how to cope with chronic pain…be it from injury, as in my case, or from hereditary diseases or any number of a myriad of causes…one which many people have a hard time understanding – even very close family members…
On the line with us today is Barby Ingle from the International Pain Foundation…Barby is a former model and professional cheerleader. She seemed to have it all. And then things changed. Her life become totally focused on survival. Chronic pain ravaged her body. Doctors had no clue as to why.
They stuck, prodded, probed and examined numerous times. All sorts of test (and can I relate to that). Then, one day, Barby decided enough was enough and SHE became her own “Chief of Staff” for her medical team.  And I will let her explain that as we get into the interview.
Barby has been on our program a few times in the past and the information she shares blessed so many of our listeners, I’m sure it will do the same today as well.  She is also the author of several books dealing with this issue, such as “From Wheels to Heals,” which is the first one I read, getting ready for our first interview back in 2018! Praise God!
Help we welcome back to the program, Barby Ingle!
Barby, thank you for taking the time to come back on the program today!  It’s been what, three or four years since your last interview?
Our podcast listening audience has grown exponentially since the last time you were on. For those that may not know about you or your organization, The International Pain Foundation, tell us in your own words, “Who is Barby Ingle?”
I want to back track to when you became the “Chief of Staff” of your own medical team. Can you share with us what this phrase means and how someone can implement it?
Didn’t the doctors tell you something like, “Stop reading all that other stuff and just listen to me?”
For privacy reasons, you don’t have to go into detail, but how are you doing? Are you still having some issues with your pain and your health?
I’m sure your situation was much worse than mine.  But I said all of that, one, just to catch you up. But two, to demonstrate to our listeners that you are not in this alone.
Only YOU can decide when “enough is enough.” There is a reason doctors have a “medical practice.”
Barby, how should a person react when they get the “look” from a physician, like they really don’t believe them concerning the pain they are experiencing? They think we are hypochondriacs or something?
Tell us about the International Pain Foundation…
Folks, pain is real. Pain is, well, painful. Some people do well bearing with pain. Some pain is the result of an injury and can be fixed. But there are times when pain is present and nobody knows why.
We are talking about physical pain here. But that physical pain can definitely become psychological pain very quickly. You cannot deal with this yourself.
International Pain Foundation is here to help you. They will provide you with the resources to learn more about your conditions. They will provide you with the resources to get help. They will provide you with the resources to find  someone you can talk with. They are here for you.


Personal Website:
Book: “From Wheels to Heals” – on Amazon