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Realizing All of the Power is Within with Kyle Brown
Episode 2320th December 2021 • The Natural Evolution • Michael Roesslein
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Kyle Brown is widely known as a health and fitness coach who helps busy people get in the best shape of their life without sacrificing their mental or physical well being. He focuses on the whole person by using techniques such as EFT to reduce stress by 70%-80% in just 90 days while still maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle in the kitchen and gym. Kyle recognizes that by loving, listening, and working with all parts of yourself, you can achieve the results you desire. He calls this process Rapid Harmony.

But Kyle hasn’t always been this way. Before he realized all of the power he needed was within, and the ability to nurture that power, Kyle was wearing his toxic work ethic as a badge of honor saying, “80-110 hour work weeks was my purple heart”. With two massive health scares, one with his daughter and one with himself, he had a reawakening and “came out of [his] cocoon-like state as a different, more evolved being. And by doing so, part of [him] died”.

Now Kyle thrives in a flow state, listens and adapts to his body, and knows living an aligned, fit, and healthy lifestyle is sacred.

Kyle is the CEO and founder of FIT 365®, an all-natural, delicious, gourmet meal in a shake. You can find him at where you can shop shakes, learn more about Kyle, and check out his virtual and in person training programs geared towards physical, mental, emotional, financial, and spiritual fitness.

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