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Which POS System Should I Use in My Restaurant?
Episode 5324th August 2022 • The Restaurant Prosperity Formula • David Scott Peters
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There is one question I am asked routinely by restaurant owners: Which POS system should I use in my restaurant? It’s an important question because your restaurant POS system is more than an expensive cash register. It’s full of data and reports you can use in your daily restaurant management activities. The problem is there are so many options on the market that it tends to get very overwhelming. Before I recommend which POS system you should get, in this episode of my podcast, The Restaurant Prosperity Formula, I talk about what a good POS should do for you, what to look for in a POS system company and what to consider when it comes to cost. Once you apply these considerations to your search, it will narrow the options down and keep you from being overwhelmed. Finally, I offer my favorites and let you know the favorites among the members of my restaurant coaching group.

Learn the 3 principles the most successful restaurant owners follow and how you can learn to follow them, too:

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