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Bonus: Resources for knowing what you believe
8th August 2022 • Institute of Men • Keaton Tucker
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Prevailing Worldviews since the 1500’s
City of God - Augustine.
Divine Conspiracy- Dallas Willard
Calvin’s Institutes
Witness - Whitaker Chambers. The first chapter will blow your mind.
Conservatism a Rediscovery - Yoram Hazony
Everything by CS Lewis
The Federalist Papers - read the famous ones, especially 10.
A Patriots History of the United States
A history of the American people by Paul Johnson
Abraham Lincolns speeches
Theodore Roosevelt Speeches
The story of Christianity
Explaining post modernism - Stephen Hicks
The rise and triumph of the modern self - Carl Truman
Cynical theories - James Lindsay
Exodus Commentary by Dennis Prager
Politics According to the Bible - Wayne Grudem
Endurance - Alfred Lansing
The Mission of God’s People - Chris Wright
Bonhoeffer - Eric Metaxes
Reappearing Church - Mark Sayers
7 men - Eric Metaxes

East of Eden
Brothers Karamazof - difficult read but it’s about three brothers and their father and the main character does his best to keep honor alive in his crazy family.

-Hillsdale College free online courses.
-TheosU - online theology and hot topics
-PragerU, short 5 minute videos on civics, culture, history, and all sorts of good stuff. Great kids content too.
-Daily Wire, Jordan Peterson and Andrew Klavan.


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