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The Sixty-Second Strategy That Gives You The Energy To Keep Going, Even When You're Not In The Mood [Episode 006]
Episode 626th June 2020 • Soultuitive Leaders With Clare Josa • Clare Josa
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Today's episode is for you if you have ever beaten yourself up about not making enough progress, waiting until you hit that end goal before you celebrate. You know how that can demoralise you - and you end up having to use 'gritted teeth', willpower and determination, which is exhausting - and not much fun.

I want to help you turn that around, fast and forever, with my sixty-second strategy that gives you the energy and inspires you to keep going, even if you're secretly not in the mood.

What You'll Cover Today On Finding The Energy To Keep Going:

  • Why the traditional way we run projects accidentally teaches us to 'play small'
  • How Imposter Syndrome makes this worse
  • How this sixty-second strategy can solve one of the biggest challenges we face with a promotion
  • And how it can reprogramme your brain and body to focus on what motivates you, rather than beating yourself up
  • Ninja tips to allow this sixty-second strategy to shift your mood, boost your energy, and rewire your brain, to start training your inner critic to be your biggest cheerleader!

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