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Rebel and Be Well - Christa Rymal EPISODE 1, 7th February 2021
Chronic Pain Clinician Sarah Martin
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Chronic Pain Clinician Sarah Martin

We are honored to launch our first podcast, featuring Sarah Martin, Physician Assistant and Certified Yoga Therapist. Hear how yoga therapy and parallel mindfulness practices are offering a good solution to long term opioid and narcotic use, the rebellion that brought on this discovery, and a greater movement being sought by orthopedics and other main stream medical centers.

Learn to decrease your suffering, and contribute in finding more authentic space within yourself so that you may turn inward to better direct the course of your life. 


Find Sarah directly:


- sacredhealingyoga@gmail.com

Learn more about the larger healthcare practice Sarah operates in partnership with when providing yoga therapy:

- www.tria.com (search “living well” or “yoga therapy”)

Join Sarah as she educates healthcare professionals at The Point as part of two CME retreats offered in 2021:

- April: https://thepointretreats.com/program-retreat/375

- August: https://thepointretreats.com/program-retreat/572

The Rebel and Be well podcast is hosted by Christa Rymal - registered nurse, founder and CEO of lifestyle medicine retreat center, The Point Retreats, which is located amidst the woods and waters of Northern Minnesota. During her podcast, listeners will experience in-depth discussions with trusted medical and health and wellness leaders to discover what they do to stay well – using traditional and non-traditional health practices. Experts will share not only what, but why they practice the holistic lifestyle medicine they do, and the science that backs their less main-stream ideas.With this, listeners come to understand the real and relatable personal health struggles of healthcare providers, and what rebelling outside of the traditional healthcare system did to better their lives, careers, and health. Come away with reliable knowledge given by experienced and successful conventional medicine healthcare professionals on outside-the box health topics. Find hope and inspiration from honest stories of healing, while clarifying the scientific-based evidence to wisely guide the inner rebel inside you – it’s time to Rebel and Be Well!

Website: www.thepointretreats.com
Facebook: @pointretreats
Instagram: @pointretreats
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChMY7ZlzexhTkpB9QN90Mxw