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Mental Health and Burnout at Work – Work in Sports Podcast
5th October 2020 • The Work in Sports Podcast - Insider Advice for Sports Careers • Brian Clapp - Work in Sports
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The Work in Sports podcast is brought to you by EMPOWRD This is the most important election of our time. And let’s be honest, voting during a pandemic is a little confusing right now. There is so much misinformation out there aimed toward making you believe your vote doesn’t matter  Well, your vote does matter.   Voting is the most important responsibility of citizens. Don’t give up that power or that right! Get engaged, informed & ready to vote - all with ONE app.  You know who is engaged, informed, and ready to vote with EMPOWRD -  Trey Flowers,  Detroit Lions Whitney Mercilus, Houston Texans Justin Reid, Houston Texans Anfernee Simons, Portland Trailblazers  All of these top athletes are out there supporting this great app that will make it easier for you to get all the information you need to vote!  Download the app today at  Hey everybody, I’m Brian Clapp VP of Content and Engaged Learning at and this is the Work in Sports podcast… First things first - it’s Monday, time for the stat line... [stat line] If you need a reminder, the Stat line is when we jump into the data of the past week in sports industry employment -- since is the number one job board for the sports industry and the industry leader since 1999 - we have lots of data. And we’re using it! First -- the total number of active jobs in the sports industry -- we’re up to 16,350! That’s a lot of opportunities. Just to put this in perspective, if you lived within 25 miles of Portland, Oregon, you’d discover there are 333 active sports jobs in your area. Pretty cool right? If you lived in Portland Maine, 33 active sports jobs -- not as many, but just proving… WorkInSports is everywhere, and so are sports career opportunities.  Side note - I love both Portlands.  OK, next data point -- the last 7 days we added 2,755 active sports jobs to our board -- which is an average of ...divide by 7, carry the -- 393 jobs added each and every day. That’s a good reason to come look at our job board every day.   The top category of the week is…. media/creative! This area continues to thrive, lots and lots of jobs related to content. Seems like everyone nowadays is starting a there is that too. Ok, top three jobs of the week -- my personal favs. Revenue Operations Analyst with New England Sports Network -- this is the business analyst job.  Associate Director of Digital Engagement -- San Antonio Spurs - two parts of this job really stood out: Collaborate with a diverse group of internal partners across Content, Marketing, Broadcast, Game Operations, Global Partnerships, Sporting Operations, and Communications to grow our global digital audience and optimize organic digital content performance.Enhance revenue-generating campaigns, and improve data-capture opportunities LuLuLemon -- VP of Diversity, Inclusion and Equity -- And that is the stat line! Which dovetails beautifully into promoting our new series coming up this Wednesday and running through October…  It’s called Moving Forward - we’ve brought together 12 young diverse sports career-focused professionals to discuss their experiences and perspectives growing in the sports industry.   We’re talking about the sports industry through their eyes -- is it representative? Do they feel included? How important is allyship? Having a voice inside an organization.   These are young men and women who either are just breaking into the sports industry or aspire to. You will listen and think to yourself, wow, this is just like my experience, or you will be enlightened and awakened to the knowledge that your sports industry is quitedifferent than theirs.  I’ve been awakened in these convrsaations and I’m a pretty eyes wide open guy... So please, listen with an open heart and mind. This is important and valuable content! Alright let’s jump into today’s fan question --