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292 | "AI-Enhanced Energy Sustainability" with Bernard Lebelle from The Green Link
Episode 29219th December 2023 • Failing to Success • Chad Kaleky
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✅ Transformational Aha Moment: Bernard shares the pivotal moment in 2019 when his son's concern about the environment sparked the decision to leave a 20-year career and co-found The Green Link, an AI-driven sustainability platform.

✅ Green Link's Mission: Bernard emphasizes the role of The Green Link in accelerating sustainable practices. The platform enables companies to navigate environmental challenges efficiently, leveraging AI-curated knowledge spaces for clean technology, best practices, and alternative materials.

✅ Impact of Regulations: Bernard discusses his excitement about recent EU regulations, specifically the Corporate Social Responsibility Directive. He highlights its positive impact on The Green Link, driving increased interest and conversations. The regulations serve as a catalyst for companies, prompting a strategic shift towards sustainability.

Episode Summary:

Bernard Lebelle, CEO of The Green Link, unfolds the transformative aha moment that led him to leave a successful career and co-found The Green Link. The platform addresses environmental challenges, offering AI-curated knowledge spaces for sustainable practices. Bernard explores the platform's response to recent EU regulations, showcasing the positive uptick in conversations and the growing interest in sustainable practices across industries.


00:00 Intro

00:07 The Aha Moment and The Green Link's Origin

01:49 The Green Link's Mission and Approach

02:31 The Importance of Teamwork in Sustainability

03:40 Innovative Solutions in Energy and Environmental Footprint

05:28 The Impact of Regulation on Sustainability

08:55 The Green Link's Response to New Regulations

11:35 How to Contact The Green Link

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