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The Intersection of Consumer and Medical-Grade Wearables
Episode 4217th May 2022 • Let’s Talk Medtech • Informa Markets
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It's hard to believe it's been more than 10 years ago since FitBit pioneered the fitness wearables market. As the technology has advanced, the lines between what is a consumer wellness device and what is a medical-grade wearable have begun to blur, with a number of companies sitting at the intersection of consumer wellness and medical-grade wearables. One such company is Movano.

John Mastrototaro, CEO at Movano, joins the latest episode of Let's Talk Medtech to discuss that intersection of consumer and medical-grade wearables, and why he joined Movano. The Pleasanton, CA-based company is creating consumer products designed to deliver medical-grade data. Founded in 2018, the company recently announced that its first product will be a fitness ring designed specifically for women that measures heart rate, heart rate variability, sleep, respiration, temperature, blood oxygen, steps, and calories.

Movano is currently conducting clinical trials with its radio frequency-enabled technology and developing algorithms to add medical data, including non-invasive glucose monitoring and cuffless blood pressure, to its core product in the future. The company plans to execute accuracy studies to pursue FDA clearances on its vital signs monitoring capabilities including heart rate, SpO2, and respiration rate.

The Movano Ring is expected to be available through a beta release in the second half of 2022.





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