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Why You Should Stay Eager to Learn in Treasury with Frank Muusse
Episode 24020th December 2022 • The Treasury Career Corner • Mike Richards
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On The Treasury Career Corner, we hear so much excellent advice from insightful leaders from the world of treasury and today’s episode is no different. 

Frank Muusse, Head of Treasury at C&A, joins episode 240 to discuss his career to date. 

Frank explains his early steps into the world of treasury via business analysis, how to evolve your own role in the industry and the importance of finding the right people for your team. 

Plus, he provides top advice on why treasurers should remain open-minded and keen to learn throughout their careers. 

Frank began his career as an Applications Manager at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam from 2000 to 2002. He then spent a year and a half as a Business Analyst with Deloitte before embarking on his treasury career. 

He moved to Wolters Kluwer, initially as Assistant Treasurer, Middle Office, in 2004 before moving to the front office from 2006 to 2009. 

Next, Frank took up a role as Treasury Advisor for KPN before joining Philips where he filled a number of positions between 2010 to 2016, later working as Head of Corporate Finance for Philips Lighting until 2019. 

Frank then joined as Head of Treasury in 2019 but switched to a role with the same title at C&A in January 2021, where he remains today. 

Frank has a degree in Business Economics from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. 

On the podcast we discussed… 

  • Frank’s early steps into treasury 
  • How to deal with a treasury role that’s not for you 
  • Finding the right people for your treasury team 
  • The impact of COVID on the industry 
  • The benefits of open-mindedness in treasury 
  • Why you should connect with other treasury organizations 

You can connect with Frank Muusse on LinkedIn

For more on Wolters Kluwer, tune into our previous episode with George Dessing, Executive Vice President, Treasury & Risk, released in October 2020.

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