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Brynne Tillman | Social Sales
Episode 1911th April 2023 • Customer Café by Collabria • Collabria
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In this episode, we sit down with Brynne Tillman, the CEO of Social Sales Link. Brynne is a social selling expert who believes the key to social selling is starting conversations, not making sales pitches. We dive into the basics of social selling on LinkedIn, starting with the importance of social listening and shifting our profiles to be a resource for prospects. Brynne emphasizes the importance of creating engagement and shares great tips for connecting and engaging with people on LinkedIn. We also discuss the importance of nurturing connections and earning the right to have conversations with prospects. Brynne suggests using baby steps with connection building to avoid being pushy or salesy. She also discusses whether a premium account is necessary for success on LinkedIn and dives into the ins and outs of Sales Navigator and using Twitter for social selling. Tune in to learn how to start conversations, build relationships, and use LinkedIn and other social platforms to grow your business.


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