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Beauty and The Beat - Beauty and The Beat EPISODE 16, 16th October 2020


Have you dreamed of an integrated, fully-loved life? One where you love yourself, your professional expression and your life’s natural rhythm? Have you felt blocked from getting clarity around what that life might look like—and blocked from making the changes that enable it to become your reality? How amazing would it be to have someone hold space for you - acting as a guide, a sounding board, holding you accountable and keeping you on track -  as you find that clarity and take those actions? That’s where CREATE RADICAL LOVE comes in.

In this episode you will learn to create radical love with Benita Conde. Benita is a former professional ballet dancer, project manager, creative manager, creative recruiter and professional guide for creative people in the advertising industry now overflowing with love, passion, bliss and excitement while guiding people toward RADICALLY LOVED LIVES.

00:44 Introduction

02:08 Benitas Journey

06:12 Career and partnership

09:09 Who is taking control of this relationship

12:39 Relation ship roles. (Following ones truth)

14:28 Breaking Free of limited systems and structures

17:25 Defining a radically loved life

20:22 What do you do when a relationship is under stress

23:36 Career Life plans- Defining your calling and aligning with it

29:14 How the story you tell yourself can prevent you from taking action

35:05 Empathy - Loving yourself

40:34 Money

44:27 What is the worst case scenario

47: 10 When things fall apart- life lessons

48:26 Nobody cares as much as you think they care /Nothing is personal

51:35 It all starts with our thoughts