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The Content Academy Podcast: Content Creation for Online Business | Creating Raving Fans |Selling High Value Paid Content | - Paul Caffrey & Phil McGrath 20th April 2017
Episode 66: Building A Personal Brand With Chris Ducker
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Episode 66: Building A Personal Brand With Chris Ducker

Finally, it happened….we interviewed Chris Ducker on the Content Academy Podcast! Episode 66 to be precise. Chris Ducker teaches entrepreneurs how to build a Personality Brand business. The online business space is evolving fast and Chris Ducker is no stranger to moving with the times.


On his personal website ChrisDucker.com, he explains “the new way” to do business.Chris himself runs multiple successful businesses and decided to transition from being the “Virtual Assistant” (VA) guy to the “Personality Brand Entrepreneur” guy over the last few years.


In this show, Chris Ducker talks to us about the reasons he moved from the VA niche to the Personality Brand Entrepreneur niche.We also discuss the home truths about what it actually takes to make a change and how Chris produces so much quality content.


Later in the year, Chris will be hosting his first Youpreneur Summit in London. The event includes John Lee Dumas. Mark Asquith and the awesome Pat Flynn, so we expect it to sell out fast. You can still get tickets here!




  • How to get started with Personality Brand marketing


  • The importance of not being afraid to change.


  • How to publish large volumes of content.




“Don’t find Time, Make Time”


“If you’re not happy where you are, move!”


“Loosen up and be yourself, it’s better for business. ”


“Times are changing, learn to do business the new way”




The Youpreneur Summit: Get Early Bird Tickets Here (Not an affiliate link)

Chris’s Personal Blog:  ChrisDucker.com

Youpreneur Academy: Find Out More

Twitter: @ChrisDucker

Instagram: ChrisDucker

Facebook: ChrisDucker



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Special thanks to Chris. for taking the time to share his journey, experience, and wisdom with us this week. Why not drop him a message on Twitter with your thoughts on today’s episode, @ChrisDucker