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Ep. 31 - Finding Inspiration: In Work, In Love, + Within Yourself
Episode 3124th January 2017 • Almost 30 • Krista Williams & Lindsey Simcik
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The girls are joined this week by their friend Danika Miller, who like them, is a creative living in LA.  They candidly discuss their individual relationships with LA, why this city fills them up one day and can leave them feeling bleak AF in the inspiration department another day.  Why is that?  Is it them?  Is it HIM?! JK.  But the struggle is real when filtered faces and "epic" sunsets flood your social feed on the regular.  Krista, Lindsey, and Danika share their inspo hacks when it comes to pursuing your dreams, making sh*t happen against all odds, rising up from the ashes of a break-up, navigating a filtered Instagram world, and living inspired for others.  The girls give us insight on:  


  • The struggle to create when everything feels copied

  • Aligning with what you believe, while staying creative, while making a living. SAY WHAT?

  • Consumerism and creating.  Do we have to always be SELLING SOMETHING all the time?

  • The power of social media

  • The power of a partner to incite creativity or suck it out of us

  • Unapologetically going after sh*t

  • Maintaining momentum and deepening your commitment to your vision(s)

  • Letting go of what's not working

We go deep.  An intimate convo for the masses.  For the record, this podcast is inspired by you.  Thank you for listening and for writing in.  ALMOST 30 LOVES YOU.