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ASE Renewal App Rant [E105]
Episode 10518th October 2023 • Diagnosing the Aftermarket A to Z • LSTN Media LLC
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Matt Fanslow discusses the ASE Renewal App, its purpose, and the misconceptions surrounding it. The app is not just a testing tool but a platform for continuous learning.

Show Notes:

  • The purpose of the ASE Renewal App (00:01:16) 
  • Role of ASE as a test developer and administrator (00:02:30) 
  • The app's focus on continued education (00:03:45) E
  • Benefits of continued education in the automotive industry (00:09:55) 
  • Understanding the purpose of the app and the role of ASE in question development (00:14:03) 
  • The ASE Renewal App and Question Flagging (00:17:41) 
  • Aging Questions and Exam Modernization (00:18:30) 
  • The Importance of Continued Learning and ASE Support (00:19:31) 

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