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Do Catholics Really Possess the Fullness of the Faith?
Episode 1016th April 2024 • Intentionally Catholic • Dan Hansen & Fr. Ron Hutchinson
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In this episode, Dan Hansen and Father Ron Hutchinson delve into the topic of sharing one's Catholic faith with others, discussing the common struggles and questions Catholics face in evangelization.

They highlight the importance of the Eucharist as the source and summit of Christian life, explaining its theological significance and how it differentiates Catholic faith from other Christian faiths. The conversation also covers the Sacrament of Reconciliation, emphasizing its role in personal transformation and spiritual growth. Moving on, they discuss the Communion of Saints and its impact on the Catholic understanding of community and intercessory prayer.

The bottom line is that Catholics have unique and powerful aspects of their faith worth sharing.


00:00 Introduction to Evangelization and Sharing Faith

01:16 Exploring the Eucharist: The Source and Summit of Catholic Faith

09:57 The Power of Confession: Experiencing God's Forgiveness

21:13 The Communion of Saints: A Unique Catholic Perspective

29:23 Reflecting on Catholic Evangelization and Its Challenges




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