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Simple Keys to Soul Progress Series #9: What’s the Difference – Divine Perseverance vs. Stubborn Persistence with Dr. Judith
Episode 9612th June 2024 • Mastering Life's Adventures: Being Your Best Self Through Soul Evolution! • Judith Holder
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Dr. Judith delves deeper into perseverance, distinguishing between "divine perseverance" and "stubborn persistence." She encourages listeners to release grudges and embrace purposeful living. This shift requires adopting a growth mindset, which involves pondering and discerning what actions are needed in our situations. According to Dr. Judith, the soul's quest is continuous learning, growing, and expanding to become a more significant vessel for the Divine.

In this episode, Dr. Judith highlights the importance of the 3% approach, which integrates the Father (strength/power), the Son (gaining wisdom), and the Holy Spirit (expressing love). She then introduces a transformative addition: the 4th percent, the Mother, bringing the total to 4% on daily practice or engagement. This addition of the Mother is crucial as it encapsulates how we love our neighbor as ourselves and create space for soul awareness, rounding off the Trinity.

To put this into practice, consider how you use power in your life (Father), how you integrate divine wisdom through learning (Son), and how you express love to others (Holy Spirit). The Mother represents the nurturing aspect, asking us to love our neighbors and cultivate soul enlightenment, thereby facilitating the soul's evolution in the material world to guide us on our spiritual paths. This intriguing addition of the Mother as a fourth element will be a topic of future discussion, promising further insights into how the soul evolves and thrives in the realm of matter.




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