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Managing Anxiety with a Mindset Coach – Paul Sheppard
Episode 1413th February 2023 • Happy Space Podcast with Clare Kumar • Clare Kumar
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You’re in for a treat with today’s episode featuring mindset coach, Paul Sheppard. Paul and I connected recently when I was interviewed on his podcast, Mindset Change. Realizing Paul has had his own journey with sensitivity and listening to a few of his podcast episodes, I knew I had to bring his energy and insights your way. Paul is trained in a long list of healing modalities such as hypnosis, NLP, IEMT – integral eye movement therapy, and more. I was especially intrigued by his admission that traditional therapy didn’t work.

Given the challenges sensitive people face – the tendency for overwhelm, emotional responsiveness, and rumination – anxiety can be a constant companion. The more we can notice it and nurture a positive response, the more peaceful life can be.

In our chat, we explore Paul’s journey from a sensitive child (aka “The Incredible Sulk”) to the proudly sensitive, grounded, and thriving man he is today. I learned about the drama triangle, the physiological sigh, and a series of strategies that really work to calm anxiety.

Enjoy Paul’s calm and encouraging energy and do let us know what you take away.



00:04:47 Sensitivity for Paul: then

00:06:46 The Incredible Sulk

00:08:52 Sensitivity for Paul: now

00:11:55 The Drama Triangle

00:15:12 Bravery is what it takes

00:17:30 Compassion starts with yourself

00:20:41 Paul's journey through different healing modalities

00:25:53 Easy anxiety management strategies 

00:31:35 The power of mindfulness

00:34:08 The power of meditation

00:36:00 Moving past shame



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