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Supply Chain Now - Supply Chain Now EPISODE 680, 14th July 2021
How to Keep Doctors Without Borders Well-Supported: Lessons in Global Logistics from Diego Flores
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How to Keep Doctors Without Borders Well-Supported: Lessons in Global Logistics from Diego Flores

How do you transport products efficiently into a country that's at war? What's the best coffee the globe has to offer? There's one man who can give us both answers, and that's our latest guest Diego Flores. In this episode of Logistics with Purpose, powered by Supply Chain Now and Vector Global Logistics, he joins us virtually from Uganda and takes us behind the scenes of supply chain logistics for Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders), where he serves as Country Director and General Manager of the Regional Support Office. Tune in to find out his advice for young supply chain professionals, why truck assembly is like an orchestra - and how Doctors Without Borders continues to deliver critical supplies around the world during a global crisis.

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