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Ruth Seeks Refuge
Episode 1488th February 2022 • Moments with Moni • Monika Hardy
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Our Heroine Seeks refuge in Bethlehem and jumps straight into action to find food for herself and Naomi. Ever been in a difficult situation and find all you can do is take one more step? Ruth took that step and found herself in the field of a kind and generous man who offered to let her stay safely on his land while she gleaned after his servants who were harvesting his fields. Levitical law gave Ruth the right to do what she was doing, but she still asked in humility for the permission to do so. We find that her humility is rewarded greatly by someone who is a stranger to her.

  • This man, who owns the land she gleans food from, to help others.
  • This man, offers more than just physical food, but also protection.
  • This man invites her to sit and eat at his table.
  • This man shares a meal of bread and fermented vinegar.
  • This man gives much more of himself than what is required by law and extends grace.
  • This man is a picture of what Jesus is for those who take refuge in Him, our Kinsman Redeemer.

Do you want to be able to understand Revelation Chpater 5? The key lies within the pages of heart of Ruth. Scripture is filled with metaphors, pictures, Hebrew prophecy in patterns, that reveal a greater design by our Creator. Who is this man? Listen in......

Week 6 of The Book of Ruth

Bread Baking Update Segment

1:20 Worksheet Going Deeper Segment

3:00 Recap of last weeks Episode

4:14 Ruth Chapter 2:11-23 continues

11:45 You shall be satisfied

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