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Leader One-on-Ones - Trillion Dollar Coach Series - Chapter 2 Part 3
Episode 6018th April 2022 • Wanna Grab Coffee? • Robert Greiner, Charles Knight, Igor Geyfman
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Today we continue our series on The Trillion Dollar Coach with Part 3 of Chapter 2 which is all about one-on-ones.

Bill Campbell brought his own unique flair to coaching his team and rooted it in solid leadership foundations that we will discuss today.

We discuss a few thoughts and ideas around how to improve your own 1:1 effectiveness which center mostly around consistency and preparation. No single one-on-one will be life-changing, but the frequency of these relationship investments will compound over time. You will also get a 10x return on the time you invest preparing for the one-on-one which will lead to faster growth of your team.

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