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Facebook Ads made easy with Jo Francis
Episode 1428th May 2020 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Have you heard about amazing things people have achieved through Facebook ads but ended up frustrated when you’ve tried it for yourself?

Whether you have a pet product or service business, no doubt there’s been a time where you’ve attempted setting up an ad and got stuck.

This week I’m speaking to Facebook ads expert and dog mum of two Jo Francis to demystify the ‘dark art of Facebook ads’.

Jo specialises in Facebook ads and e mail marketing and lives in Kent with her two children and dogs Bob and Bear.

She helps business owners understand advertising on the social media network through training and done-for-you services.

Here is a summary of the episode with the timings of the key points covered:

2.24 - Retargeting and how Jo couldn't resist buying the 'calming bed' for her two dogs Bob and Bear.

6.22 - How Facebook ads work and the journey we go on as pet owner when it comes to being targeted for products and service.

8.25 - Where to start with setting up an ad in Ads Manager.

10.20 - Planning your ad and deciding on your objectives.

12.38 - Why it's not the best use of your money to boost a post and what happens when a post is boosted.

16.00 - How to create an ad from a post that is getting lots of engagement.

16.44 - The Facebook pixel and why your ads will be far more effective if you have it installed on your website.

21.38 - Using the Facebook pixel and different audiences to inspire people to buy your product or service by 'warming them up.'

23.32 - Why pet business owners have an advantage with Facebook ads because people have such an emotional connection to their pets.

25.24 - Making audiences from people on your e mail list.

28.52 - Why it's best to create a series of ads with different copy and images and push your budget to the ones that perform best.

32.02 - Using the right image and how you should leave your ego at the door and use one that tells a story.

33.10 - Running continuous or long term campaigns and how to avoid 'ad fatigue.'

37.07 - How you can run a 'Likes' campaign for your Facebook page for as little as £1 a day.

39.00 - The content you can create to build a connection from your 'likes' campaign so pet owners book you post lockdown.

42.11 - Dogs will be used to more walks and people being at home so this is a chance to snap up more business.

43.30 - Find the positives, hold the belief that the work you have done during lockdown will pay off.

45.04 - What to do if you've rebranded - building your new brand with a cold audience. How to do an 'I've changed' ad.

48.30 - What to do when your ads stop working and why it's important to use the pixel to track what has happened.

50.26 - How having the pixel will help if you've have press coverage.

50.40 - Installing the pixel through Facebook, Wordpress Plug Ins and through your web developer.

52 - Jo's 50 per cent offer for her Facebook ads course.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Jo's blog post: How to install the Facebook Pixel

Jo's Facebook Ads course - use the code RS50 at checkout for 50 per cent off: Getting Started with Facebook Ads

Visit her Facebook page:

And on LinkedIn:

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