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Moments with Moni - Monika Hardy EPISODE 100, 17th February 2021
#100 Revelation 10 with SOS
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#100 Revelation 10 with SOS

Revelation Chapter 10

Another can be described as meaning two different things in the original language, however it is not made clear in English. The term "another" derives from allos in the Greek and is better translated as another in the sense of a "different" one not just a second one that is the same. So this Angel compared to the last angels is "different"

Then we have the voice of the Seven thunders. As in the past chapters John began to write down the wrods the Seven voices thundered, but he was told not to write them down. Have you ever wondered why God would "tease" us with this information? These words are sealed up until the prophecy is fulfilled in our, still future, during the Great Tribulation Period, and then the "mystery" of these words will be "revealed" and at this time, "time will be no longer".

John was told to take and eat the little scroll, and that it would taste sweet like honey, and turn bitter in his stomach. As we take in the Word of God, it is sweet to our taste, but there are parts like this that turn our stomachs because, thorugh the Holy Spirit we can see that the horror of God's judgement on a willful, sinful world. The John was told he must prophesy again before many people, nations and tongues and kings.

Our spot in the timeline of History at the time of posting this Podcast Episode is at the end of the Church Age, just before the beginning of the first half of the Tirbulation period. It is still a time that God is calling out to all on earth to turn away from our wicked ways and follow after Him. Here I offer a re-write of Song of Solomon to give you an example of the type of love that is available between Jesus and a heart right now. The maiden of the story begins as one who is immature and grows under the shade of the apple tree, and matures to be the Bride of the Bridegroom. As we walk through this life on earth, the sufferings we go through mature us from one who enjoys the benefits of a being a believer to the Bride of Christ.

He is coming quickly to an earth near you and time will soon be no more.

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