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145: Let Go to Grow
Episode 14511th September 2023 • The Elevate Effect™ • Kathryn Binkley
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Control vs. Growth: A Case to Delegate to Your Team

Staying in control is a major factor holding your business back. Tune in to this episode to get tangible strategies and tips around how to build and delegate to your team so you can reach your next level.

When you started your business, you were a team of 1, acting as the coach, copywriter, graphic designer, web developer, admin, bookkeeper, and probably more.

As time progresses, it becomes necessary to bring on team members to help. As you hire, you have a decision to make - do you micromanage and control your team? Or do you fully delegate?

You know delegation is the way, but it’s hard to release control! Trust me, I totally understand. That’s why today I will show you how to release control and delegate so you can GROW!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What’s really going on internally when you struggle to release control, and how those thoughts keep you stuck.
  • How to view building and managing a team so you can achieve the best results possible through other people.
  • The role you need to take in your business if you want to scale to new levels.

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