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Have a Little Insight - Jennie Leaver EPISODE 8, 20th June 2020
Reflecting on Black Lives Matter & Social Justice with Chantele Francis
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Reflecting on Black Lives Matter & Social Justice with Chantele Francis

This week we sat down to talk to Chantelle Francis a 41-year-old self-described Aquarius. Actor. Dancer. Flight Attendant. Tarot Card Reader. Law Of Attraction Life Coach. Reality TV Junkie. We sat down to talk to Chantelle to talk to her about her life experience as a Black Woman and the current Black Lives Matter movement.

She has lived in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Toronto is where she considers home. She has a love for spirituality, the performing arts, and coaching, and has merged these loves together to form Star Talent Coaching. Her Mission is to help Woman in the entertainment industry level up and create the career of their dreams. 

Show Notes and Resources: 

Chantele Francis

You can follow Chantele on the following channels

Instagram: @chanfranfran or @startalentcoaching

YouTube: Star Talent Coaching

Episode Mentions

100 Humans Netflix: https://www.netflix.com/title/80215997

Stonewall Riots: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stonewall_riots


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