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LIV2DAY Episode #39 - "Genetic Impressions & How Your Choices DO Affect the Next Generation"
Episode 3917th September 2021 • LIV2DAY with Dr. Paula McDonald • Dr. Paula McDonald
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Have you ever experienced a "de ja vous?" That feeling we often described of having been in a particular set of circumstances, in a specific setting or with a specific person or persons before - it is certainly an ambiguous and mysterious experience! In this episode, Dr. Paula dives into the topic of why it is you might have those experiences. The study of Epigenetics is a fascinating one, and it is one which she has devoted much study to and that she covers in detail in her book, LIV2DAY. Truth be known, we are not only a product of our ancestors in terms of our anatomy, tendency toward certain diseases or other physiological traits; but we are also born with genetic impressions of their likes, dislikes, tastes, fears, experiences and more. Many may reject this theory, but in Dr. Paula's true form - she explains how both science and scripture support it.