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Decoding the ServiceNow Leadership Formula: Glen McCarty's Remote Management Journey
Episode 915th February 2024 • Beyond the Title: Conversations with ServiceNow's Elite • Farrah Wells
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Join us this week as we delve into remote leadership with our guest, Glen McCarty. In this episode, Farrah and Glen break down the nuances of virtual work, exploring how genuine connections form in a digital world. Experience a straightforward exploration of digital watercooler conversations that shed light on the often mysterious reality of remote professional relationships.

Crossing Borders: Navigating Diverse Work Cultures

Glen McCarty, a maestro in managing teams across borders, shares his playbook for success. Learn the secrets behind steering through the complexities of diverse work cultures and sustaining peak team performance. Uncover the delicate dance of motivating talents from different backgrounds, as Glen reveals his leadership strategies that keep teams not just surviving but thriving.

Decoding Management Styles: A Personalized Approach

This episode takes a deep dive into the world of individualized management styles. Glen unravels the mysteries of motivating a diverse team, offering a sneak peek into his leadership approach. This segment provides valuable insights into the art of maintaining a motivated and high-performing team, even in the face of varied professional backgrounds.

Detective Work in Productivity: Unmasking Performance Slumps

Let’s decode the detective work behind addressing productivity dips. Glen shares sage advice on deciphering the clues behind performance slumps, providing revelations that can breathe life back into stagnant career trajectories. Be prepared for an insightful discussion that may reshape your perspective on tackling professional challenges.

Self-Care Secrets from a Remote Leader

Glen shares his personal recipe for self-care, providing insights into dodging the burnout bullet while maintaining a competitive edge in the world of ServiceNow professionals. This segment offers a buffet of career wisdom, seasoned with Glen's reflections on his own journey, with a dash of humor and some invaluable advice for the younger selves among us.

"Taking opportunities to grab mentorship even when it’s not intended I think is really, really important. And anytime we can learn from another individual that we work with, we’re going to make ourselves stronger." — Glen McCarty

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