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Episode 23rd February 2021 • Sandy Springs Christian Conversations • Casey Evans
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Casey & Nathan's second episode where we dive deep into:

  1. Lessons & positive revelations learned about faith & life due to the 2020 era of the COVID pandemic.
  2. Casey’s thoughts/concerns & Nathan's insights from Casey's recent OT readings, especially around the 10 plagues & the stubbornness of Pharaoh vs the patience of Moses, Aaron & the enslaved Hebrews/Israelites.
  3. How Nathan is able to preach upon well worn topics, such as “good works” vs “faith” based entry into heaven… and come up with a whole new twist on it!
  4. Invitation for SSCC congregation members to write an email to either or about wanting to be the first guest (or guests) on the upcoming Episode 3 of SSCConversations.