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Cracking the Code: Expert Strategies For Six-Figure Remote Jobs with Cinneah El- Amin
Episode 7730th January 2023 • Get Rich Or Get Drunk Trying • Get Rich Or Get Drunk Trying
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Career expert Cinneah El Amin’s mission is simple… transferring wealth into the hands of women. Using her platform Flynanced, Cinneah breaks down the roadmap to using the skills you already have to 10X your income, become debt free and land the dream job. Join us for career advice, the key to breaking into six-figure remote jobs, her top tips for standing out in a competitive job market, and some myth-busting on common misconceptions about remote work.

In this episode on expert strategies for six-figure remote jobs, we chat about:

03:05 - The birth of Flynanced 

11:30 - 31K in debt to a six-figure net worth 

16:50 - Budgeting lifesavers to get out of debt fast

21:17 - Overcoming Money Trauma

24:07 - Get Drunk Cocktail of the Week: Sidecar with Sugar Rim Cocktail

25:30 - How to escape your 9-5 and find your strengths

32:48 - Pivoting into greatness 

43:33 - Get Rich Tip of the Week: “Put funds to your 401K.”

54:27 - How personal finance plays a role in career success

58:28 - Get Rich Read of the Week: “It’s About Damn Time” by Arlan Hamilton

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