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Connecting the Unreachable: SES Satellites in the Digital Era
Episode 7211th December 2023 • Digital Transformers • Supply Chain Now
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In this episode of "Digital Transformers," host Kevin L. Jackson engages in a fascinating conversation with Karl Horne, VP of Cloud Portfolio and Strategy at SES Satellites. Karl sheds light on the pivotal role of satellite technology in digital transformation, emphasizing SES's impact on diverse industries.

The discussion explores SES's innovative solutions, from providing connectivity to remote locations like islands and cruise ships to supporting disaster recovery efforts with their O3b mPOWER service. Karl underscores the crucial link between a robust satellite network and the success of cloud computing and digital transformation initiatives.

Discover how SES's next-gen satellite system is revolutionizing connectivity, enabling seamless integration of technologies like IoT, 5G, and AI. Tune in to gain insights into the dynamic intersection of space technology, cloud computing, and digital evolution.

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