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Why does astrology matter? A conversation with Vanessa Couto
Episode 1318th November 2020 • Balance Shared • Michelle Lasley
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Introduction to Episode

Vanessa Couto returns as my guest where we further discuss “why does astrology matter?” Waxing and waning between analogy, patterns, and history, we dive into this ancient personal development tool and touch the surface of how it can help you.

Podcast Episode Summary

Vanessa Couto, an archetypal astrologer, returns to my podcast to further our discussion in astrology. We begin laying the field where astrology can help support and broaden imagination, something crucially missing from our current society. We discuss how astrology helps us respect longer cycles, and is an amazing tool for helping us to grow into who we are meant to be.

When using astrology as a tool, consider this:

  • What are your strengths?
  • Where are your growing edges?
  • Where can you do better?

Before our break, I mention that Mars cycles 3 times around the sun in an Earth calendar year. I misspoke and intended to say Mercury. Please forgive the mistake.


  • Fundamentalism is a lack of imagination.

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