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Advantage in Paradice by ParadiceRPG - ParadiceRPG EPISODE 26, 5th June 2020
Episode 26 - Spaghettification and a Payday
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Episode 26 - Spaghettification and a Payday

....and even Scarlette is missing since Shannon's power was out for the first swathe of this episode.

Listen as we wrestle technical difficulties, our environment, and even ourselves in this one friends! (But don't worry we get it together by minute 20....ish...)

Created by Sean O'Donovan


Kalath Rholan-------Tim Rhone

Scarlette Cerulyan-------Shannon Robichaud

Ceuran Isilaistana-------Stefon Danczuk

Timber-------Alex Carrio

Wizwick Bilgru Farlight Yelin Jedri Pedri Netherrock-------Clayton Ambers