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In the spotlight with Sarah Jones from My Anxious Dog
Episode 10917th March 2022 • Publicity for Pet Businesses • Rachel Spencer
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Do you have an anxious dog and get frustrated when other dogs approach them, jump on them and stress them out?

When owners say, 'It's ok, they're friendly,' or, 'They just want to play,' or 'They need telling off.'

If so, Sarah Jones' story is one you will want to hear. When her Cocker Spaniel Bella became anxious and reactive, Sarah went on a mission not just to help her own dog but thousands of others and their owners.

She set up My Anxious Dog, creating products ranging from stickers to go on wheeliebins to hoodies, harnesses and leads.

Emblazoned with the words Anxious and Keep Away, Sarah's products spell it out loud and clear that anxious dogs need space.

This weekend, Sunday March 20th 2022, she's launching the first National Dogs In Yellow day to spread the message far and wide.

Her mission is for people to have consideration for others and take the stress away for anxious dogs and their pet parents.

In this episode, you can learn all about Sarah and her work with My Anxious Dog.

Key topics and timings in this episode:

2.00 - Introduction to Sarah and how she found herself running a pet business.

2.40 - How did Sarah come to settle on My Anxious Dog. 

4.05 - How Sarah discovered Bella was anxious. 

7.25 - Where Sarah heard about dogs wearing yellow and discovered it was a way to tell people Bella was anxious.

9.10 - How her business first started with her putting stickers on bins.

11.05 - She shares how her business grew from this to creating products and much more. 

15.22 - What’s been the ripple effect for other anxious dogs and their owners.  

20.51 - Why Sarah created her yellow army and community of other anxious dog owners. 

26.15 - What has worked for Sarah best when it comes to reaching people far and wide?

27.05 - How working on raising her profile in the press has helped Sarah with her mission on getting dogs in yellow out there. 

34:00 - Sarah shares the press coverage that she’s had for My Anxious Dog.

41.03 - Sarah’s advice to newcomers in the pet industry. 

37.55 - She shares the comparisons from her previous role in electronics to working in the pet industry.

43.50 - Sarah’s National Dogs In Yellow Day and her goals for March 20th.

46.15 - Where to find out more about Sarah and My Anxious Dog.

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