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Springtime Cooking | Andrea Catherine Bonus Episode 4 | Roasted Chickpeas
14th April 2018 • GREEN Organic Garden Podcast • Jackie Marie Beyer
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Andrea Catherine is back from Grounded Here to talk with us about cooking!

I’m glad to be here because it helps to keep me accountable 

  • what Im eating
  • how Im making it

what’s the season


helps me

Last week you asked me in this Springtime before you’re planting  just talk about what I am cooking and preparing for yourself.

started the process

I roasted chickpeas this week. 

soaked some dry beans

I like to start with the dry beans if there is time

  • Less processing that goes on
  • Reduces cooking time significantly
  • soaking them overnight
  • rinsing that water off

rinses and cook with

  • cumin
  • coriander
  • fennel

could add other spices

  • tumeric
  • ginger

less gassey

reduces that time

Fearless Self-Love Podcast

CCF tea in the last episode


  • cook a legume with those spices
  • pepper and ginger and tumeric
  • spices are anti-gas
  • digest better

“beans, the beans the more you eat the more you toot”

if we aren’t cooking them with spices

cook them with those spices or some other spices that will aid in the digestive process

Even black pepper will help

I was following 

I like

Kate O’Donnel’s

The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook: A Seasonal Guide to Eating and Living Well

The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook: A Seasonal Guide to Eating and Living Well

Yoga Healer Podcast

guest shows

you can find her book

try this on your own

  • toss the cooked beans with
  • some apple cider vinegar
  • cook with spices
  • oil

let them roast the oven was about 400º didn’t take very long

toss every 15 minutes

THey were very tasty!

One of the reasons were cooking them now besides because they are a storage crop

don’t have to harvest them fresh


can attribute to the flatuence problem

ehlp to relive that

dry quality counteracts the wet quality of springtime


eating foods that are

  • warm
  • dry
  • cooked

can start to balance what we are experiencing in our environment

If you still have

  • dry skin
  • high anxiety
  • a lot of gas to begin with
  • might not be the best

But overall it’s a  ood time of year for us

to roast some chickpeas

eating them over some rice

  • root vegetables
  • curry
  • tomatoes
  • coconut milk
  • cilantro

enjoying that in my lunches

new experiment to roast some chickpeas

restaurants are putting them on their menus

you can put spices

Play with it!

  • cooking the beans yourself
  • pepper
  • cumin
  • fennel

lower and slower

Let me ask, this might be a dumb quesiton but do you roast them on a cooking pan, roast them in the oven right?

Yes, you can roast them slower, keep your eye on them


maybe like 30 minutes

spread them on a cookie sheet

tossed them every 10 or fifteen minutes

  • cayenne pepper
  • extra ginger
  • salad
  • toss with some oil
  • curry
  • snack on them
  • mix with nuts

A lot of restaurants now are putting them on a cheese plate

  • another way to approach the chick pea
  • favorite ones to cook with
  • Indian dishes

roasted something different

someone who reaches for snacks a lot

and reach for snacks that are not going to serve your body its a nice alternative

high protein

I also want to say if you do an acid/alkaline diet they are on the alkaline side.

I love this because I love chick peas and I am definitely snacker. I definitely snack a lot especially at night. I’m really bad about prepping my meals I have been bugging my husband to make me granola I’m like you’re the baker make me some granola and the other day I saw this recipe  from Leanna Tu and I was like that was so easy to do and this sounds like that so easy turn it 

thrilled with

batch tasking

what do I want for lunch or for a salad

when you have a chunk of time making something you can use throughout the week

when you have a bean

like I mentioned that chickpea

could be a curry or a salad or a snack

salad dressings are great

pitcher of tea

just have that to reheat on the stove when you want to reheat on the stove

get that stuff out once to prep it

different ways

sometimes I even mention to clients to chop a bunch of vegetables at the beginning of the week. When you are listening to this podcast on Sunday afternoon

Then when you need them you can just access what you need

bring up a good point

time that limits a lot of folks


meet ourselves where we are

does take a little bit of prep

a bit of planning


bigger block of time

Can I make a point o n the flip side last year I decided 

I have always felt that sun tea needed to sit in the sun in a giant gallon container etc and it seemed like this big project I would just make a quart jar with one tea bag the hnihgt beofre school, put it  in the fridge and I had cold tea that next day.

The other thing I was gonna say is ever since I listened to Paul Kita talk about listnin while cooking dinner I find myself now prepping because I’m listening to a podcast and don’t want to quit.

the more we can be creative and build connection!

You mentioned when you make

habit changes

want it bad enough

you asked your husband to make the granola and finally made it and found out it was

easy and really fun and you loved it!

behoove us to try something new

fearful it’s awesome

pleasantly surprised

Recognizing cycles

I go through different cycles of doing a lot of meal planning and then not doing that

I need those cycles to recognize the benefits of both things and when it serves me and when it doesn’t 

It’s so fun to talk to you I feel energized and I always learn something new!

I love this recipe to go with chickpeas! I have all these spices now, i just got fresh curry

I’ve never been a big roaster so I’m kind of curious if you could do this in a frying pan on top of the stove?

Maybe I’ll have to come to Eureka and we can make some roasted food and golden milk.

IDK if I’d know how to record I’d be like go in the other room and I’ll record you over the phone. 

I can help you with that!

Anything else?

It intrigues me to talk about kitchen Sadhana or kitchen prep

practice habit how we show up in the kitchen

almost to create ritual that we enjoy

How do we connect with you?

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