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CyberBytes: RSA 2024 Edition: Keyfactor with Jordan Rackie
Episode 7615th May 2024 • CyberBytes: The Podcast • Powered by Aspiron Search
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Today’s guest is Jordan Rackie, CEO @ Keyfactor an Identity-first security company.

Jordan joined Keyfactor around 5 years ago as a first-time CEO leading the business to surpass $100M ARR with a $1.3B valuation.

In this episode, Jordan and I cover:

  • His transition from leading GTM teams to becoming CEO at Keyfactor
  • The story behind Keyfactor and what makes them different
  • What’s next for Kayfactor
  • What surprised Jordan the most about being a CEO
  • NIST approving algorithms
  • Challenges businesses face when it comes to Post-Quantum Security
  • Keyfactor’s contribution to PQS

#cyberbytes #Keyfactor #Identity #Postquantumsecurity

Jordan’s LinkedIn:  / jordanrackie  

Keyfactor: / wearekeyfactor  

Steffen’s LinkedIn:  / steffenfoley  

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