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Michael Crick - The Problem with British Politics and The Truth about Nigel Farage - CVLTURE Ep #30
Episode 306th October 2021 • CVLTURE • CVLTURE.TV
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Michael Crick has been following British politics as a TV and radio broadcaster for almost 40 years. He was political editor of Newsnight from 2007 to 2011; and political correspondent of Channel 4 News from 2011 to 2019. He has won four Royal Television Society awards, including Specialist Journalist of the Year in 2014 and 2018. He is the author of eight previous books, including 'The Boss: The Many Sides of Alex Ferguson', 'Jeffrey Archer: Stranger than Fiction' and the upcoming anticipated 'One Party After Another: The Unruly Life of Nigel Farage'.

In this episode, Michael shares his journalistic experience and his opinion on where the UK government is heading. He talks about his impressively long career from his beginnings at ITN to founding Channel 4 and playing a huge part in Newsnight. He discusses his views on Brexit, modern media practices, the US political system, and writing biographies for huge names.

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