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51. The Spoiled Yak - Perfume & Search: WWW
6th December 2019 • Dramas Over Flowers • Saya, Anisa, and Paroma
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Hola listeners! We're taking a break from Long Yaks for this month. Instead we bring you the first of a new series that we are calling the 'Spoiled Yak'. Cause we yak about a drama and spoil it. Geddit? XD TIMESTAMPS: 00:01:51 - Perfume 00:16:07 - Search: WWW LINKS: Naver’s News Manipulation: Compromising K-pop's International Fanbase? by Rimi and Gina Author Anja's awesome books: What's Wrong With My Mother-in-law: Compilation Part 1 Compilation Part 2 —AWESOME PATRONS WHO SUPPORT US— Egads, Steven Blackmore, Lia W., Kimbap Noona, Hades, Gracefulegg, Divina, Jenmole, Saoirse10, Hamda, MCG, Humbledaisy, Eunice Choi & Jojo! Patreon: Twitter: Email: Blog: