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Color of the Year 2023 -- Raspberry Blush, Part 4
Episode 82522nd February 2023 • A Minute at RepcoLite • Dan Hansen
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(original airdate: 10/20/22)

When it comes to choosing colors for your home, do you think of those choices primarily as a means of self-expression? I’m Dan Hansen and this is a Minute at RepcoLite.

There are many ways to go about pulling a color scheme or decorating style together. We go to instagram and pinterest for inspiration, we look at the colors in our friends homes. And all of that is good. But when it comes to picking our colors and getting started . . . if you want to enjoy the process more than ever . . . make self-expression the primary driving factor in your choices.

Decorate for you. Choose the colors you like regardless of what’s trending right now. Choose the decor that inspires, interests, or moves you without worrying about what other people may think. I’ve started filling my home with items that are utterly ridiculous to most of the people who visit–but for me and the kids, they’re fun, interesting, beautiful . . . and most importantly: US. Would you like my home if you visited? Maybe not. Who knows. But I like it. 

Remember how much fun it was to decorate your own room when you were a kid? Now we have whole houses to do that to. And it’s still really fun. I’m Dan hansen and that’s a minute at RepcoLite.






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