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Podcast Pontifications - Evo Terra EPISODE 211, BONUS EPISODE, 13th August 2019
Podcast Movement 2019 - This Changes Everything [Episode 211 Bonus A]

Podcast Movement 2019 - This Changes Everything [Episode 211 Bonus A]

Podcast Movement 2019 Day One:

Yes, I want to meet you for coffee, lunch, breakfast... whatever! Hit me on Twitter or send me an email. Let's get together this Podcast Movement!

Today I walked the vendor exhibition hall. I'm blown away not only by the companies attending -- the usual suspects but also some new big players -- but by what the reps from the companies are saying. They have big plans for podcasting.

Today I met a dozen new podcasting friends, many of which were not OG pioneers, but with amazing drive and passion for how podcasting fits into their lives, as well as how they're shaping podcasting to fit their needs and better serve their audiences.

And really, the show hasn't even begun. There's something in the air that... I can't put my finger on. Yes, it's hunger and excitement. But those are common at any podcasting event. And as much as I love Podcast Movement, I don't necessarily think it's the event itself that's causing the change. I just think it's here and now.

There are two things I'm certain of after the first day of Podcast Movement 2019:

  1. The next 15 years of podcasting will bear little resemblance to the next 15 years of podcasting.
  2. I look forward to bringing you another live report tomorrow.