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Episode 32 - Marina Segal - CEO of Tamnoon
Episode 3218th April 2023 • Cyber Inspiration • Evgeniy Kharam and Security Architecture
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Welcome to Cyber Inspiration Podcast, you may be familiar with me as Co-host of the Security Architecture Podcast, which I started with Dmitry Raidman CTO of Cybeats in 2020.

I have Marina Segal Founder of Tamnoon on the podcast.

From the Episode:

-Building a successful startup takes time, persistence, and hard work, and it is important to prioritize tasks and build a strong team with a clear vision and culture.

-A company offers automation services with a personal touch, focusing on fixing misconfigurations and offering validation and support to customers.

-Failure is inevitable in business, and it is important to categorize failures and learn from them without blaming oneself or others.

-It is also important to balance work and personal life and find ways to cope with stress.

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