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Review, Revive, Repurpose: How to Update your Old Content
Episode 20316th September 2021 • The Content 10x Podcast • Amy Woods
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Repurposing content is all about maximizing your ROI. But many of us neglect the simplest and hugely effective way of increasing your ROI when it comes to your existing content: updating it.

Updating your content is a proven method for getting more eyes on content that already exists. There’s no going back to the drawing board or spending hours creating a new X, Y, or Z. All it takes is a little dust off, and your content could perform like never before.

In this podcast episode, I share my three-step process to rejuvenate your existing content that will save you time, improve your audience reach, and ensure your content stays relevant for longer.

Find out about: 

  • How updating old blog posts can increase your website traffic by 362%
  • Why it’s vital to revisit your SEO and keyword strategy
  • Three steps you can take to optimize and repurpose your old content effectively

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