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DIJ S2 EP 12: Season Finale | Lessons Learned, Learning Lessons, and Leaning into Loving the Questions w Shadiin and Delma
Episode 128th April 2022 • Dive-In-Justice • Shadiin Garcia & Delma Jackson
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Season 2 is in the books! Thanks SO much for being a listener!

Our hosts open up with a whole season's worth of bitter love and warm hostility. They discuss balancing workloads, family, and what it means to live in head vs the heart. Shadiin discusses comfort zones and how we might benefit from finding the right balance between feeling stretched, growing, and over-extending.

Shadiin and Delma zoom out and discuss some of the biggest themes running throughout season 2 and the show in general with a special focus on land acknowledgements and how we might keep them relevant, and focused on raising awareness as opposed to another vehicle for performance. Our hosts also discuss how we hold the passion, anger, promise, and tension that comes from trying to have nuanced conversations on justice in a binary world.

Finally, our hosts discuss their vision for season 3 and take a moment to recognize all those who've supported us to this point.





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